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Saving Green Birthday Parties

For my kiddos birthday parties, I utilized some awesome decor ideas I had found on Pinterest and online that saved me some green. 
I used inexpensive cardstock, scrapbook paper and ribbon and twine to make birthday banners. I printed out the letters on my computer and cut them out to save even more money, but you could find cheap chip letters at Michaels or Hobby Lobby. Check out the tutorial here.
For Liesl’s party, I created a pretty, girly background with three plastic tablecloths. (Here’s that tutorial) I also made my own tissue paper pom poms. (Tutorial here) 
For the table and other decor, I ended up choosing themes where I had a lot of the toys/props I could use. For Gavin’s barnyard party, I used all his tractors, farm animals, etc. For Liesl’s My Little Pony party, we pulled out all

her ponies to use as table decor. 

 All in all, both parties turned out great. Clean food and green saving decor made for happy guests, very happy birthday boy and girl and a happy Momma 🙂