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iPhone 8 Plus Reveal & Review

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Rear View – Indoors

I ordered my new gold iPhone 8 Plus on the 15th at 3 am and it arrived on the 22nd of September via UPS. Happy Birthday and Merry Christmas to me! This is my 2nd smartphone and 2nd iPhone. I upgraded from the iPhone 5s in gold. I really enjoyed it for three years. It’s a great phone, but I wanted a better camera, more memory and a larger screen. My 1st impression of this phone:  “It’s pink!”. If you put it next to my gold 5s or any gold jewelry, it’s clearly rose gold on the trim and the apple logo and it’s pink on the back side. The back side looks like it’s either white with pink glass on top or pink with clear glass on top. The front is white with clear glass on top. I really wanted a rose gold one so much so that I was debating whether to order the iPhone 7 instead. So I’m really happy that it’s rose gold, but I feel bad for those that really wanted gold instead. The impression I got from the photos and Apple’s keynote was that it was yellow gold and that the back side was a metallic mirror finish. In person, only the Apple logo has a mirror metallic finish. I’ll be using it to check on my lipstick. It’s a bit heavier than I thought it would be, but it’s nice and thin and I love the rounded corners. I will be purchasing a case for it since the backside is so slippery. It slips off almost any surface, if you’re not really careful. So far I’ve noticed that it surfs the internet much faster than my 5s. The photos look more crisp and defined. Come back and check out my future blog posts, many of them will feature photos taken with my new phone. I felt the screen on my 5s was too small. I’m really enjoying the larger screen:

I’m at the age now that reading glasses are required often, but I don’t need them with this phone. I didn’t want the X model because it’s more expensive and there are only two colors to chose from. I also prefer having a home button with finger recognition rather than face recognition. There are so many similarities between the X and 8 that for me it’s just not worth the extra $200 or more. There are a lot of upgrades though between the 5s and the 8. I’m going from a 8 MP camera to a 12 MP camera. I was constantly running out of space with my 5s, so it’s nice to have plenty of space for lots of photos. I’m anxious to try out Apple pay, I’ve yet to find a store that offers it. I enjoy paying at Starbucks with their app, so this will be great for me. No more fishing in my handbag for my credit card. I also use my phone for store cards. I also look forward to wireless charging. I’ll be purchasing one from Apple as soon as it’s available next year since it’s large enough to charge three apple at once.

I am having issues transferring photos from my 2016 MacBook Pro to and from my new phone and many other issues with my Mac, so I had to take it Apple for service. Anyone ever taken any apple product in for service before? If so, what was your experience like? It took an hour and half just to get them to set it up for service. Even though I had an appointment, they made me wait forever and then I had to show them the issues. It was an unpleasant experience. I’m anxiously waiting to hear from them, it’s suppose to take three to five days. Apparently, that model has many issues, I definitely do not recommend it. Even the keyboard has issues. It’s the first Apple product that we’ve had issues with. I’m currently working on my old MacBook Air and I’m hoping it works long enough for my new computer to return. The screen sometimes doesn’t work and it has to be kept open at just the right angle to work. I think it’s the connection between the screen and the keyboard. Anyone else have that issue with the MacBook Air? Since it’s a 2011 model, I figured it would cost too much to make it worth repairing. They would have charged me a whopping $475.00 to repair my MacBook Pro, if it was no longer under warranty. 

Well that’s my first impression of my new iPhone 8 Plus. Did you buy one of the new models? I’d love to hear your review, comment below. I plan on keeping it for three years, if it works well for me. How often do you upgrade?

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